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Susanne has spent the majority of her career in and around the Corporate Banking and Finance Industry in Australia and Germany and has experienced a variety of different approaches, leadership styles and cultural differences.

Being a third generation family business owner, she understands the complexities and challenges faced by Families in Business.

Susanne has a long-standing passion for the Family Business Sector and her vision and experience has been instrumental in creating Families in Transition. Families in Transition specialises in supporting Family Businesses through the transition process by creating a journey that the family can easily follow and embrace.

A self appointed catalyst for change, Susanne’s strength lies in her diverse experience and her ability to lead groups, particularly Families in Business, through the change necessary to succeed. She is a compassionate leader with high expectations, and has the ability to build bridges between people and their perspectives, thus creating team cohesion and team power fuelled by a clear vision. Whilst having compassion, She is outcome focused and it is natural for her to combine these skills.

One of Susannes professional skills is the timeless concept of “business matchmaking” for productive and flourishing relationships. She has the ability to envision strategic alignments between people and businesses, find sustainable solutions and is able to remove obstacles.

Over Susannes many years in business, she has built strong relationships across the accounting, legal and professional services networks. These relationships span across most of the large national firms and have provided mutual beneficial referrals over the years.